How I decorated my home for Christmas


I can't believe Christmas Eve is just around the corner and I am incredibly excited not only because it's Christmas time, but because it is the first time that I'm hosting dinner! I am expecting my family to arrive to Austin on Friday.... yay!!

Now, don't get me wrong, I still have a lot to do, purchase, and decorate, and did I mention that I still have one more style shoot to do this week? 

 Feels like a lot, but I decided to take a small break from all the things I need to do to share with you how I am decorating my house for Christmas this year.  

Christmas Tree Inspiration for next year, black and white details

First let me tell you that my tree decor for the last 6 years had been all white, red, and green. Pretty traditional to be honest but I loved it..... until my kids, yes, you heard right, my kids said to me, "Please don't put the old ornaments again!"

With that being said and with my heart broken, I  sent all my stuff to the nearest thrift strore and told my husband that we needed new Christmas Tree decor!  Little did I know he was going to turn around and tell me "Nuh uh...."

My heart stopped for a sec, but then I went ahead and immediately opened Pinterest and decided to get inspired but keeping in mind that my budget was not a lot.

Decorate your Christmas Tree with a beautiful banner, JOY, PEACE and MERRY

One of the first things that caught my eye on Pinterest, was some trees with paper banners on them, so I didn't hesitate for a second and I messaged my sweet Susan from Sugar Parties LA, and I asked her if she could make me a banner in black and white card stock paper...  she rushed my order so I was able to get it in no time.   

I'm not sure if I ever told you that when I style a party, All I need is ONE thing that melts my heart. From there I start building up my party style.  In this case, this banner was melting my heart!

Christmas Tree decor with black and white accents
Christmas Tree decor and accents to add more character to your tree area

For the sides of my tree, I decided to add some gift bags that I found on Target's new collection Hearth and Hand by Magnolia and you can find them here.  They had about 4 different types but I grabbed the ones with the black and green colors.  I needed to add some white color, but figured the tissue paper would be enough.

I also added an old white lantern that I purchased a long time ago and added a bow with some plaid ribbon that I had in my craft room.

A mix of vintage and rustic Christmas decor..  Beautiful idea for your Christmas Tree decor

And because I couldn't helped adding some rustic decor, I went to my storage and found this vintage lunch box, very masculine and perfect for my colors. I added some fresh tree branches with some pine cones and a special ornament Susan had sent me as a gift... it's so cute and ity's the perfect amount of red color, to pop some color in!

Christmas Tree decor idea a little bit more on how to decorate  your house for the holidays

While I was at Target, I also saw the the cutest Christmas Stocking ever...  I had to get too and if you too feel in love with it and want to get yours, here is where you can find it.

I also added some flocked wreaths and a green pine garland that I bought last year at Target's dollar spot.

Christmas Tree decor ideas

As you can see, my tree doesn't have a lot of ornaments but I love how it turned out!  If you take a look closely, it only has two trumpet horns from Hobby Lobby and they were 60% off and some fake greenery that I already had.  

Oh!, I almost forgot to mention the black and white ribbon on the tree, this one I got at Home Goods long time ago!

Great dessert idea for all your holidays!  Love the green ribbon added for the perfect Christmas party

I usually assign one day for all Christmas decor and I am not going to deny it, I always end up on my couch completely exhausted, but on this day, I had a special friend coming over to visit and to bake some goodies together.

My friend Johana from Latin Bakery Austin and I baked this beautiful cake and I needed to share!

Christmas desserts idea or for any holiday

Hope you all liked my Christmas Tree!  We all loved it and the best part is that I did't spent a lot of money to make it look pretty!  

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