A Rustic House Warming in Christmas Time

Hello everyone! Welcome to Mint Event Design, today I am sharing a House Warming Celebration during Christmas Time!

But what can you do when you planned your party to be outdoors (Texas weather usually allows it in December) when suddenly, the weather changes and all your plans must change along with it. You’ll have to go, indoors right?

But that’s not a problem, I’ll transform the kitchen into a fantastic, well decorated space. 

Take a look!

Dress up your kitchen with this adorable Rustic Christmas decor!  Get ready to host a beautiful Christmas party

I had to use the kitchen counter to set up all my chaffers, but honestly, I thought it was going look so simple and I really wanted to hide as much as I could with decorations to avoid being able to see the kitchen counters. I found some great things to add to the ends of the counter and I lifted them as much as I could to create what I wanted.  As you can see in my picture, you can barely see what’s behind it.

Rustic Christmas Decor ideas
Rustic Christmas Decor ideas
Rustic Christmas Decor ideas
Rustic Christmas Decor ideas
Rustic Christmas Decor
Rustic Christmas Decor and vintage accents

I also added a cute garland to set up in front of the chaffers with two purposes, one to hide the burners and second to hang the food labels in a cute way!

Christmas Food Labels
Christmas Food Labels

The kitchen counter had no more space for desserts, so I made use of a small corner next to the kitchen and set up a small table. Remember the party had to be moved inside, so I really needed to make good use of the space available to place the food and leave more room for the guests.

Vintage Dessert Table for your Christmas party
Vintage Style Dessert Table, lots of dessert ideas

Here are some close-ups of the table and the goodies.

Great ideas for a Vintage dessert table
Christmas Desserts Ideas with a  vintage look
Christmas Desserts

Finally the drink station!  I really was running out of room inside the house, so I definitely needed to set it up outside, that why guests could, at some point, get some air and enjoy the cold!

Christmas Drink Station with t rustic look!  All you need for  hosting a holiday party!

A Vintage white window frame was the perfect backdrop for our Rustic Drink Station, I added a green wreath with some red berries.

Rustic Drink Station for a Christmas party!  Love the green wreath on the vintage window.

Of course a variety of drinks is always a good idea!

Rustic Drink Station with a Christmas party!  Great ideas on the. blog!

And some coffee for those who feel they are too cold.....

Christmas Coffee Station for all your Holiday parties

Hope you enjoyed this post and got some ideas for an indoor party set up.  If you like what you see, I invite you to subscribe to my blog, so you don’t miss out on anything!

Perfect Chalkboard sign for a House Warming Party!


Hosting a House warming party during the Christmas season?  Search no more, lots of rustic decor ideas on the. blog.