White Christmas Holiday Photo Booth

Welcome to the last day of this fun and inspiring Holiday blog hop!  Can't believe there is only 11 days till Christmas, but do not panic, there is still time to enjoy and have fun hosting parties.  

This is why we are here, to make it easy for you!

Today, I am sharing a super cute Christmas Holiday Photo Booth Idea that totally can be set up inside your home or where ever you are hosting your party!  I always think that photo booths are super fun and it is something my customers always ask me to style for their event, so here you go...

2017 Party Hop for all entertaining ideas for the holidays

 But before we start, I just wanted to tell you how  excited I am to be one of the 18 party bloggers that are hosting this Holiday party blog.  We are all sharing some amazing and unique ideas on how to entertain during the Holidays.  Check out all these wonderful ladies!

2017 Party Hop for all entertaining ideas for the holidays

For all of you who are coming from Giggles Galore, how gorgeous is Mariah's Bright Holiday Bar Cart??   If you haven't seen the whole thing, you are missing a lot, so click here to head over there!  

Colorful Making Spirits Bright Holiday Bar Cart.jpg
2017 Party Hop with Giggles Galore

For those who are starting the holiday party hop here, and want to start partying with us from the beginning, please go to Mirabelle Creations, Deanna is sharing how to make custom color Iridescent Ornaments...  super cool and easy! 

Let your whole family get together and decorate!

So, let's get started!

One of the things that I always do in my family, is making the kids be involved in helping her momma!  I mean really??  They need to contribute and feel part of a family project, in this case, hosting family and friends.

Teepee for a christmas holiday photo booth,  great idea!

Every time that I am hosting something and my party styling ideas start flowing, my brain automatically  thinks, "what do I need to buy?" but because the money is tight during this time of the year, I decided to take a different approach and instead of heading out and buy things, I stayed home and looked for stuff that I already had and had fun creating...  I remembered I had this teepee that I used for a Boho Birthday party that you can check out here, but I only needed to make some changes.

Christmas Holiday photo booth idea with a tipi

Instead of the pink flowers, I added these white flocked branches with pine cones and some red berries, I Aldo had some string lights with a star shape that thought they would look pretty! 

JOY pillows, Christmas decor ideas with pillows

For one of the sides, I used these 3 small pillows that I bought last year at Target with some small flocked mini trees, pine cones and red berries...  I also had this little bench that I used when I styled a Hot Cocoa Photo Booth for my friend Erica from Erica Woodford Photography .

Christmas decor for a photo booth, great for the holidays

For the other side, I used a vintage stool that I had recently bought and put some greenery and a red lantern over it, I also had these gift bags that I swear I just got them the weekend before at Micheals for 60% off...  if you hurry, you might still find them!  I filled them up with paper and placed them there.  As you can see, I also added a  flocked tree and to give some depth to the photos, I put it a little bit on the back. 

Winter photo booth ideas, it can be used for Christmas holiday as well!

Since I used some white sheets from my kids' beds as my backdrop, I felt I needed more color, so I went ahead and used my red pom pom garland that I used here, and one of my kids just helped me set it up, along with more string lights that we placed them on the back of the white sheets, just to give it a not so bright light.

Christmas holiday photo booth idea that could also work for a winter photo booth!

Hope you all liked my Christmas Holiday Photo Booth idea, and before I forget, please add more white sheets on the floor, so you cover your carpet or flooring. This is just because I have a serious problem trying always to make things look as realistic as possible.  

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