Watercolor Teen Party

Last month my daughter, Isabella had her 14th birthday.  I can't believe she's grown up so fast,  but it's so fun to see her personality come out.  Teenagers aren't looking for a theme party, but they usually have a lot of ideas on how they want their party to be celebrated, and it was fun to include all her favorites into this dessert table.  

Lovely watercolor backdrop for a dessert table

She wanted to include her favorite colors of turquoise, coral, and gold in the mix.   She also wanted a more modern simple style.  

Delicious Chocolate naked cake with fresh flowers

We had five of Isabella's best friend's over to our house to celebrate her birthday.  They were treated to some of her favorite sweets--- sugar cookies, golden macarons, donuts, cupcakes and a beautiful naked cake.  The desserts were by my sweet friend Olga, of Polkadots Cupcake Factory. We also served grapefruit infused water.    

Naked cake with coral fresh flowers
Yummy Macarons in gold color
Love these vanilla donuts

We carried a floral theme throughout the party also.  We had coral colored roses on the cake, and adorable frosting flowers on our beautiful cookies.  

Adorable cookies with some fine florals
Such a nice way to display a naked cake
Earth tone cookies

Isabella loves art and creating beautiful things.  She's so talented, she created the beautiful turquoise watercolor backdrop.  Isn't it so pretty?

Teen Birthday party for girls

I shared how she painted the backdrop in my instagram stories.  So if you want to see the behind the scenes action head over to IG and follow @MintEventDesign!

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Beautiful watercolor dessert table idea for teens