Let's Fiesta

This week, I'm excited to be sharing this vibrant celebration with you!

It was Elle's 3rd Birthday! She absolutely adores the Disney/Pixar movie Coco, so her mom decided a fiesta themed party would be perfect, complete with an array of bright colors.

It was plenty of bright colors that made up this amazing backdrop of streamers. Easy to do, and creates such an impact! 

Birthday party fiesta table design and dessert table. Complete with Disney Pixar Coco themed cake, cookies, and mini guitars.  Love how this colorful backdrop came out.

The desserts were just as sweet as the birthday girl. The two-tier cake with a beautiful ornate piping design was created by Michelle Patisserie, along with the Mexican themed cookies. Aren't they amazing?

Two-tier fiesta party cake with ornate piping design in bright colors. Sombrero, cactus, chili pepper cookies too.
Pinata cookies, with sombreros, cactus, number 3, and chili peppers add to the fun Mexican fiesta/Coco themed party.
Beautiful fun Mexican decorated two-tier cake for fiesta.
Cactus and chili pepper cookies are almost too cute to eat!

To add some interest to the front of the white tablecloth, I hung a fun "Happy Birthday" banner that matched the other graphic signs used throughout party for cohesiveness. It really stood out and I Love the little papel picado accents above each letter.

Happy Birthday fiesta bunting strung across the dessert table for the birthday girl.

Flowers weren't the only fresh detail on display. I used fresh fruits and vegetables to adorn the table too. I included everything from cantaloupes and coconuts, to citrus fruits and watermelon. Super simple to do, and edible! Who doesn't like decor you can eat too?  These are some pictures from one side of the dessert table,

Mini guitars like the ones in Coco decorated the tables, along with fresh fruits and vegetables. 
Mini guitars like the ones in Coco decorated the tables, along with fresh fruits and vegetables. 

and these are of the other side of the table, here I used crates to hold the fruits, a real "Molcajete" with some green limes on it. 

Traditional Mexican decor was sprinkled among fresh fruits and veggies on the dessert table.
From pinata cookies to mini paper pinatas, this fiesta was the party to be at.

The food was displayed inside the kitchen, complete with it's own table design. I didn't stay long enough to take photos of the set-up, but I still wanted to show you how it was styled.

First, instead of a tablecloth, I used a few  traditional Mexican blankets, or serapes. and height was added by using a light teal crate and planter stands for the vases. The "FOOD" marquee sign works for any party, and although these food table cards are FIESTA themed, labeling each dish is always a cute way to add a personal touch.

Food table was decorated with traditional Mexican decor, fiesta themed food cards, and flowers. FOOD marquee sign was the perfect touch.
Fiesta food table with FOOD marquee sign and Mexican decor.
Fiesta Food set up idea

Outside, the drinks were displayed on their own table. Here I used a yellow tablecloth with a colorful serape draped across one corner. Placed on top was a tray with the colorful cups, as well as this adorable pink mini guitar - a big theme from the movie. 

On the other side was a large pink die-cut of the Spanish word for "hello", welcoming guests to grab a beverage. Other fun details included accenting with traditional Mexican decor like the wooden games, paper sombreros, and colorful cactus stir sticks.

Beverage table was decorated with fiesta flare! An "Hola" sign, Mexican blanket, mini pink guitar, and lots of colorful decor set the stage for a great drink!
"Hola" sign welcomed guests to the drink table. Cactus stirring sticks, drink labels, and flowers were the perfect touch.
Tray filled with colorful drink cups, pink mini guitar, flowers, and Mexican decor to set the state for a Coco themed party.
Hibiscus Lime iced tea drink label.
Water drink label in fiesta theme.
Fun and colorful sacks on the display cart. 
Cactus beverage stir sticks, paper sombrero, and traditional Mexican decor.

The gathering was at the birthday girl's home, and attended by her closest friends and family.

Instead of chairs, the kids sat on serape covered pillows, and enjoyed the celebration at a table just for them. But this was no ordinary kids table! It was covered in these gorgeous centerpieces of fresh flowers placed in colorful recycled cans, and sprinkled with traditional maracas from Mexico.

Kids table, complete with colorful Mexican themed pillows to sit on, and recycled cans filled with colorful flowers. 
Kids table with a beautiful centerpiece of recycled cans and fresh flowers.

Look at these flowers! They're so bright and colorful, just like Mexico, and just like the movie!

Colorful recycled cans, fresh flowers, and maracas adorned the kids-only table at this Coco themed fiesta.
Fresh flowers were a beautiful and fitting detail at this fiesta against the blue tablecloth.
Fiesta flowers in a clay pot are such an easy centerpiece with a big statement at this fiesta.
Fuchia, and yellow fresh fiesta flowers.
Beautiful sunflowers and greenery were so bright and cheerful at this party.

I sprinkled decor maracas all around the fiesta, but the best use of them was as a party favor for the guests! "Thank you!" tags from the guest-of-honor were tied to the brightly colored instruments, and then placed neatly in a tray for guests to grab on their departure. 

Fun, colorful, and festive fiesta outside. From the dessert table to the guest table, not a detail was missed. This colorful background made such an impact.
Colorful party favors of maracas were given to each guest along with a "thank you" note from the birthday girl.
A fun and colorful outdoor Coco themed fiesta for a fun 3 year old, complete with dessert table and streamers backdrop.
A Happy Birthday banner, Mexican fiesta cake, sombrero, cactus, pinata, and chili pepper cookies, along with fresh flowers and fun streamer backdrop is the way to party!

Happy 3rd Birthday to miss Elle! I had such a great time planning and creating this fiesta. I hope you enjoyed it too!

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