Valentine's Day Dessert Cart

Photography by Candi Noble

I don’t know about you, but I love Valentine’s Day!  What could be better than a day set aside to honor love?  As part of my Valentine’s Day celebrations this year I set up a quick and easy Desserts cart!

Adorable Pink and Red Dessert Cart idea from Mint Event Design-Austin based party stylist

I’ve done a few bar carts in the past, but for Valentine’s Day I really wanted to do something different so I came up with the idea for a desserts cart!  It reminds me of the dessert carts that they used to walk around in nice restaurants to tempt you into having desserts. Remember those?

A Cotton candy colored dream! This Valentine’s Dessert Cart from Mint Event Design is too sweet!
Too cute desserts cart party idea!
Loving these X’s and O’s macaron cupcakes! Perfect for your valentine!

For the backdrop I used white drapes to create a nice neutral background, then instead of using balloons I created two mock-balloons.  

Heart shaped balloon backdrop DIT from Mint Event Design
Homemade backdrop and adorable dessert cart idea

The circle shaped balloon was made from a wooden circle decoration that I got from Target a few years back, thank you Dollar Spot!  

To create the heart balloon I used cardboard that I cut into shape, then I added pink faux fur to give it the luxe look I was after.
Then I attached golden metallic streamer.

Love this faux fur party backdrop, so luxe!

The highlight of my dessert cart has got to be this amazing cake from Michelle’s Patisserie!  I just love the combination of delicious and beautiful treats right on top of the cake.  With it’s mix of meringues, macarons, and strawberry cookie sticks, it looks so scrumptious and over-the-top, perfect for a Valentine celebration!

Beautiful muted blush valentines day cake
How pretty is this Valentine’s Day cake from Mint Event Design?
Love the idea of using other treats on top of a cake, it’s so over the top!

In addition to the wonderful cake, I also served cupcakes topped with Macarons.  I combined them with Fun On Paper’s cupcake toppers to create a fun X’s and O’s themed cupcake!  

Find out how to style the cutest Valentine's Day Dessert Table on a Bar Cart. Complete with cupcake toppers made with macarons to create a super sweet treat. See more from Mint Event Design at #valentinesdaytreats #valentinesday #barcart #valentinesparty #partydecor #partyideas
Cupcake toppers combine with Macarons to create a super sweet treat
Cupcake toppers combine with Macarons to create a super sweet treat
Cupcake toppers combine with Macarons to create a super sweet treat
love these xo xo cupcakes from Mint event Design

I used the X’s and O’s on my guest table too, and paired them with milk bottles wrapped in more faux fur, along with even more tasty treats like candies and meringues.  Alex from Fun On Paper also created these adorable felt bags that hold the girl’s treats!

For my table, I used different shades of pink and red in the plates and utensils, I also added some confetti for fun!

Love this adorable party top flatly, perfectly pink Valentine’s Day party
This perfectly pink Valentine’s Day party is so over the top! I love it!

A close look to the milk bottles wrapped with the pink faux fur, I added a GOLD sticker just for that pop of color! I’m sorry but I truly have to say that they became one of my favorites way to dress up a simple milk jar.

Love this use of the golden straws and faux fur wrappers!

My dessert cart also included Mochi, just because my daughters love them and I think they are super cute too! Make sure if you’re using Mochi on your desserts cart, that you put it out last-- because it can melt quickly if you’re not careful.

Pink Mochi for Valentine’s Day? Yes, please!
Love using these light boards! I love you!

I always like to include fun little things in my parties and tables, so for this Valentine’s Day cart I used one of those cute light boards, with pink letters spelling I love you!


Has this dessert cart inspired you to host your own Valentine’s celebration?  What’s your favorite part? Let me know in the comments!

Perfectly Pink Valentine’s Day dessert cart idea from Mint Event Design

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Vendor Credits

Photography: Candi Noble
Desserts: Michelle’s Patisserie
Cupcake toppers, banner and felt baggies: Fun on Paper