Sip & See Baby Shower Ideas with Bento Picnic Food

Photography by Ricardo Palomares

We share a lot of really fabulous events of all types here at Mint Event Design, from bridal showers to birthday parties, grad parties to weddings we do it all.  

Elegant Baby Shower Sip and See ideas. The food table backdrop was created with greenery wreaths and baby onesies hanging inside with the letters for “BABY” on them in gold. Styling by Mint Event Design in Austin Texas for Bento Picnic

But, there is a whole other side of my business that we don’t always talk about here on the blog. From time to time, local business owners will approach me to help them style their products for photoshoots.  They’re looking for new marketing photos and they know that Mint can style their products to look their very best in new and interesting ways. This is an aspect of my business that I love, It is so fun to be able to help other business owners make their products stand out.

Sweet Baby Shower sip and see ideas from Mint Event Design
Cute sandwich skewers baby shower ideas from Mint Event Design
Fresh veggie platter with crackers and dip for a Sip and See Baby Shower. As styled by Mint Event Design for Bento Picnic

In addition to my styling services, over the past few years I’ve built up some really great relationships with local area photographers that I collaborate with all the time, so I can always recommend a really amazing photographer. So you can see all aspects of my business, today I’m sharing one of these styled shoots with you!

For this shoot, I had the pleasure of working for Leanne, owner of Bento Picnic here in Austin.  Leanne reached out to me to see if I could help her style her yummy and healthy plates in several set ups.  

The first style we chose was this baby shower scene, because Bento Picnic’s food are a perfect fit for an upscale baby shower. I started my part by creating the backdrop out of floral greenery hoops.  Whenever I’m styling for any event or photoshoot, I think it’s really important to bring a little bit of nature in. I created these out of faux greenery vines, and then added a pretty pink rose.  I then attached white onesies with gold letters spelling out B-A-B-Y!

An elegant baby shower food set up. As styled by Mint Event Design for Bento Picnic
Sweet baby shower floral decor ideas. As styled by Mint Event Design for Bento Picnic

If you’re planning a baby shower soon, you should consider sending your invitations via Paperless Post. We love using Paperless post for our events because they’re beautiful, customizable, and eco-friendly!
I think this one is so elegant and goes perfectly with our color scheme.

Baby Shower Sip and See ideas from Mint Event Design

I used crisp white linens with white and gold stands and hand lettered food labels. I created a sweet mimosa bar on my table with champagne, flute style glasses, and freshly squeezed orange juice.

An elegant mimosa bar set up for a baby shower. As styled by Mint Event Design for Bento Picnic
Baby Shower mimosa bar. As styled by Mint Event Design for Bento Picnic

Bento Picnic created some fabulous food for this shoot.  She served up BLT Sandwich Skewers, Crustless Mini Broccoli Quiche, and Honey Butter Cornbread with honey, jelly and jams.

Baby Shower cornbread is a sweet baby shower food idea. As styled by Mint Event Design for Bento Picnic
BLT Sandwich Skewers are a hit at any party including this Sweet Baby Shower from Mint Event Design
Elegant baby shower food ideas include this crustless mini broccoli quiche. As styled by Mint Event Design for Bento Picnic

She also made yogurt smoothie parfaits, smoked salmon dip with veggies and pita bread.

These yogurt Smoothie Parfaits are perfect for a Baby Sip and See party. As styled by Mint Event Design for Bento Picnic
Charcuterie ideas for a baby sip and see include this yummy smoke salmon dip. As styled by Mint Event Design for Bento Picnic

In addition to this baby shower set up, I also created a few more set up for her new marketing photos. The first was this fun fiesta party.

Fiesta party idea from Mint Event Design
Colorful baby shower sip in see ideas from Mint Event Design

Then we did a cute picnic style set up.

Lunchbox ideas at a Baby Shower! Such a cute idea!
Picnic style lunchbox idea from Mint Event Design

And lastly we did an office lunch type set up because of course Bento Picnic’s food are perfect for workdays!

Office lunch catering from Bento Picnic
Bento Box lunch idea from Bento Picnic

Wondering how can Mint Event Design help you showcase your product?
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Sharing the cutest food ideas for a sip and see baby shower. Come see how to host a sip and see and even create the most eye-catching DIY party backdrop for the food table with faux greenery and baby onesies. See all the sip and see party details on Mint Event Design #babyshower #babyshowerideas #sipandsee #babyshowerfood #partyfood #partyfoodideas

vendor credits

Styling: Mint Event Design
Photography: Ricardo Palomares
Food: Bento Picnic

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